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Video Entertainment

High Definition – Redefined!

woman watching tv in her lving room while relaxed on couch

TV has never been more immersive or spectacular! Glorious rich details come to life and create an unparalleled visual experience. HDR, UHD, 4K, 8K, OLED, MicroLED – it’s all here! Premium Home Systems works closely with you to develop and craft the best solution for your room or living space.

Our home video systems provide a premium visual experience and give you the freedom to stream all of your favorite content from Netflix, HULU, Amazon, Disney+ and so many more from the device of your choice – whether it be Apple TV, RoKu, Kaleidescape or many others.

The team at Premium Home Systems will ensure that your home video system is simple to use – tailored and designed to meet the unique needs of every family member. Let Premium Home Systems present an elegant and refined solution for your space.

Here are just some of the ways we help create the perfect video solution for you:

The Modern Space

The Modern Home requires a balance of elegance, simplicity and performance. Let Premium Home Systems assist in defining your home with a system that blends in, is elegant, yet still provides uncompromised sonic performance matched with immersive video.

In-Wall speakers can be matched to your paint to disappear providing a smooth and effortless aesthetic while still providing amazing fidelity. Your favorite movies, concerts or sports now become a truly engaging experience.

Home Theater Systems

tv with speakers around it with stereo and radio machine by the tv

There truly is no greater experience than a full dedicated Home Theater System. Whether it be 5.1, 7.1 or the latest Dolby Atmos experiences, we can customize a solution to your needs. Matching fantastic video with audio is critical – they go hand in hand.

Whether you prefer the classic design of a traditional home theatre set up or a more modern open environment setting our team can create truly amazing audio systems that perfectly complement your large screen, hi-definition televisions. Watch movies, concerts or your favorite show with unforgettable surround sound quality. Our home theater audio systems will thrill your senses, while always maintaining the beauty and elegance of your room space.

The Minimalist

Fancy tv with plain room and one small circle table in the corner

Sometimes you just want a gorgeous TV, unfettered, simple and elegant. Perhaps supported by discreet in-ceiling speakers or perhaps one that incorporates amazing sound already built in. Premium Home Systems will present the best solutions for your needs and without compromise.

tv attached to the wall with two chairs and bunch of books on the side

The Big Picture - Projection

Livingroom and kitchen view with project on the side wall

No longer relegated to the basement or confined dark theater spaces (although that can still be done too) Projection Cinema has been main-stream in well-lit spaces for some time.

Providing outstanding and superior color with vivid imagery even in high ambient light rooms.

Updates and innovations in projector lamps and screen materials allow you to truly go big without having to go to a completely different room in your home. Motorization Technology allows screens and projectors to disappear! Let Premium Home Systems create your new theater space.

projector in the living room with all around windows

The Big (Short Throw) Picture

projector in the living room

I know I know – you’re asking yourself – wait, what? Let’s break it down..

Ultra Short Throw Projectors allow for the projector to now be placed directly in front of your TV – merely inches away in a media cabinet with images up to 120”. Paired with the proper screen materials and proper installation you can achieve a new level of a cinema experience without the projector being behind you.

Tv with high def pixels hanging on the wall
living room with tv on the window side night time outside with tv of a space man

When TV met Soundbars…..

Tv with build in speakers under it for the living room

Soundbars can be sexy, achieve great sounds, have amazing wireless technologies built-in and still blend in the environment for a custom look.

speakers attached under tv
camera on top of books on top of a table under the tv side view

For those looking to achieve a simple aesthetic but wanting great sound, let Premium Home Systems find the perfect SoundBar solution for you

speakers under the tv living room view with popcorn on the table and glass of water
speakers under the tv attached side view

Kaleidescape – The Home Cinema Standard

Kaleidescape different family movies section

Kaleidescape is the de-facto standard for those looking for the ultimate in uncompressed Video and Audio paired with an Award Winning Interface. This unparalleled system with the new addition of the online video store is truly amazing! Kaleidescape must be experienced to truly appreciate and understand. We guarantee you will never look back. Ask us about your in-home demo to truly appreciate the benefits of Kaleidescape in your life.

Kaleidescape boc with category of movies in the background
Kaleidescape different movies category section
iphone, ipad and old iPhone Kaleidescape website with different movies and music

Contact us today to learn more and get started on your smart home audio system installation.