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Home Audio Systems

Home Distributed Audio Systems

white wall with white table with speakers and stereo

Our home audio systems provide a premium listening experience and give you the freedom to stream all of your favorite music from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and other services from the device of your choice. Whether you want to play the same music throughout the entire house or section it off into zones, your music will be clear, crisp and always available.

song of Adele radio playing at 1:20 min
iPad with collection of music while a song is playing

Easily set the mood with the intuitive interface while you toast to a delicious dinner with friends.
We offer a wide variety of speaker systems so you can choose the setup that fits perfectly into your decor and suits your individual taste. The team at Premium Home Systems will ensure that your home audio system is simple to use and designed to meet the unique needs of every family member.
Here are just some of the ways we help create the perfect audio solution for you:

Go Big or Go Home!

They say bigger is better. When it comes to first-class audio – this rings true. There truly is no substitute for audiophile grade music systems to bring a favorite band, artist or symphony into your home. A deluxe listening system gives you a concert-like experience. If you’ve got the space – we have the solutions. Let us tailor a system to you that allows you to explore unparalleled sonic soundscapes.

The Invisible Factor

all open windows bedroom with the view of the soar sea
dinning table with the view of the sea

The ability to create amazing room-filling sound, while maintaining the essence of your perfectly designed interior has never been better. No matter your décor – whether traditional or modern – our state-of-the-art audio technology will create an experience that exceeds everything you’ve ever dreamed.


Powerful technological advancements, coupled with best-in-class brands brings a combined level of superb audio quality and expert craftsmanship together for an incredible sound and aesthetic.

pieces of speakers

Discreet, yet Powerful

living room with six lights beaming down

Create spaces with well-defined coverage and sound that please the eye. Aesthetically match your overhead lights for symmetry and elegance while achieving room-filling audio in a single space or throughout the entire home.

kitchen view out to living room
dinning table with 4 chairs facing the outside view

Discover the elegance and beauty of creating a uniform-looking ceiling while achieving superior sound quality.

Take it Outside with Outdoor Audio Systems

big pool with different edges

Your audio journey is never prohibited by the elements. Outdoor audio solutions breath fresh air into exploration of the wide-open. Take your listening experience poolside, next to the fire or on the patio with custom-tailored outside audio. You can even bury your sound in the garden so you can hear what you want along your walk without taking away from beautiful visuals.

light placed on top of the balcony window
view of the city from inside a patio with two chairs
light placed on the ground in the yard

Bookish is Sexy

speaker with the side of pot of plant

Don’t be fooled by their size, we have seen and heard many BookShelf Speakers that rival standard loudspeakers. Premium audio is in the engineering and craftsmanship with love of music at the core of every design. Quite frankly, the smaller yet sophisticated speaker can often look better in your space without hampering sound capabilities.

stereo and speakers on top of a brown table
speakers in a empty of with a plot of plant
fancy stereo and speakers pictures

The possibilities of smaller audio connections are endless. Sitting on a shelf or custom stand in your office, a main listening room or bedroom, the powerful, yet smaller cousin of the traditional floor standing speaker, will truly leave you amazed.

Vinyl Records are Back!

stereo with white background

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records, as many people prefer the warm, rich tones that only non-digital recordings can provide. There is truly something special about holding a record in your hands, placing it on the turntable and dropping the needle.

The latest audio technology allows homeowners to enjoy the sound of vinyl records in every room of the house, instead of the classic sounds being confined to just one area.

shelves of recording disc
stereo with disc
recording disc collection

Looking to create the perfect vinyl collection but don’t know where to begin? Let Premium Home Systems curate the perfect collection for you, based on our knowledge and connections.

The Digital Streaming Renaissance

stereo on top of a fancy table with books

Experience streaming at the highest quality levels and unparalleled High Definition with support for many of the reference quality music files such as FLAC, MQA, Lossless and more with. Streaming does not have to mean sonic sacrifice. You would be surprised what can be achieved with an internet connection and the proper gear! Let us show you how….

speaker with digital radio box
speaker on top of digital speakers with man in the background reading a paper

Contact us today to learn more and get started on your smart home audio system installation.